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- Added On: 07/12/2018

Norway, Kjeller

Profile AWARD: Framework Agreement for Pyrotechnic Supplies. The procurement shall cover the Contracting Authority's need for resupply of pyrotechnic supplies to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Lot 1: Product Group A: SOLAS Products: Product Group A comprises products that must meet requirements given by the SOLAS Convention (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea), cf. the procurement regulations: A-1) line thrower, A-2) man over-board lifebuoy light, A-3) rocket parachute flare MK3 red, A-4) hand flare red, A-5) buoyant smoke orange; Lot 2: Product Group B: Non SOLAS Products: Product Group B comprises products not subject to the SOLAS Convention (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea), cf. the procurement regulations: B-1) personal distress signal 16 mm kit, B-2) red cartridge for personal distress signal 16 mm, B-3) signal, distress, day and night MK5, B-4) signal, cartridge 26,5 mm red H202, B-5) white handflare, B-6) signal, cartridge 26,5 mm signal green, B-7) signal, cartridge 26,5 mm signal white; Lot 3: Product Group C: Rocket, Hand Fired, Infrared, Signal: Products Group C comprises a specific non-SOLAS product, cf. the procurement regulations: C-1) Rocket, hand fired, infrared, signal
Tender Details: Open Procedure. Reference No: 2017038255
Date of Award: 26/10/2018
Tenders Received: 4
Supplier/Contractor: Safety and Security Service AS, ěkern torgvei 13, Oslo, 0580, Norway
Dated: 09/11/2018
MCJ Ref No: 1143/E/28
Tender Ref No: 495327-2018
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: Lowest offer: 2,710,000 NOK / Highest offer: 4,950,000 NOK
Promoter: Forsvaret v/Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon, Fetveien 80-84, Kjeller 2007, Norway E-mail: emarcussen@mil.no
Contact: Eli Marcussen
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