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- Added On: 28/09/2018

Finland, Helsinki

Profile AWARD: Contract for the deepening of the fairway and the port of Kokkola. The Finnish Transport Agency, together with Kokkolan Satama Oy, will implement the Kokkola fairway and port deepening project. The
project includes the deepening of the 13m fairway of Kokkola and the deepening and extension of the port
Tender Details: Open Procedure. Reference No: LIVI/1368/02.01.01/2018
Date of Award: 27/07/2018
Tenders Received: 2
Supplier/Contractor: Joint Venture: Wasa Dredging/Van Oord Kokkola JV: Wasa Dredging Oy, Vaasa
Finland; Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dated: 23/08/2018
MCJ Ref No: 1131/E/33
Tender Ref No: 367820-2018
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 47,470,600 EUR
Promoter: Joint Procurement between: Liikennevirasto, PL 33, Helsinki, 00520, Finland And: Kokkolan Satama Oy, Kantasatamantie 50, Kokkola, 67900, Finland E-mail: seppo.paukkeri@liikennevirasto.fi; tapio.lempinen@portofkokkola.fi
Contact: Seppo Paukkeri; Tapio Lempinen
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