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- Added On: 18/03/2020

Germany, Bremen

Profile AWARD: Chartering a sea-going vessel for the survey of the mudflats in the WSA Weser-Jade-North Sea area in Spring 2020. To review the designations of the mudflats in the area of the Bremerhaven Waterways and Shipping Authority. Charter of a sea-going vessel, to designate the secondary fairways of the WSA Weser-Jade-Nordsee. The area of application is the mudflats and the Wadden Sea National Park, between Kaiserbalje (westernmost area) and Oxstedter Tief (north-easternmost area). The charter vessel must be equipped with accommodation and premises for at least 6 people of the AG including multi-purpose spaces, drying room, galley for self-catering, refrigerators/freezers, sanitary facilities. The charter vessel must berthed in the vicinity of the locations. A 24-hour service must be guaranteed. The vessel must be a sea-going vessel (not an inland vessel), max. Draft 1.60m, freeboard: max. 1.20m. AIS must be on board. An on-board loading crane must lift at least 2.5t for loading the handling material from/to land and from/to water
Tender Details: Open Procedure. Reference No: 3212ABz1-332.10/0001-003
Date of Award: 21/02/2020
Tenders Received: 2
Supplier/Contractor: Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH, Wiesmoor, Germany
Dated: 04/03/2020
MCJ Ref No: 1205/E/31
Tender Ref No: 107100-2020
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 198,345 EUR
Promoter: Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Weser-Jade-Nordsee, Fachdienst Vergabewesen, Standort Bremen, Franziuseck 5, Bremen, 28199, Germany Tel: +49 471-4835384; E-mail: vergabewesen.wsa-weser-jade-nordsee@wsv.bund.de
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