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- Added On: 09/01/2020

Portugal, Lisbon

Profile AWARD: Service Contracts for Stand-by Oil Spill Recovery Vessel(s). The primary objective of EMSA stand-by oil spill recovery vessel service under this procurement procedure is to protect the coastlines of EU Member States, in accordance with EMSA founding Regulation 1406/2002/EC as amended. The Agency intends to establish, for certain defined areas of the EU coastline (Adriatic Sea — Lot 1), additional response capacity to that of the pollution response mechanisms of Member States in case of a major oil spill. This can be provided by either a single vessel or through a ‘pool’ of vessels arrangement. EMSA would like to utilise vessels that are engaged in economic activities, during the contract period, in the identified area, by establishing service contracts for their availability during a (major) incident for spill response activities. Following a request for assistance, such vessels would be transformed into oil recovery vessels and made available at short notice for at-sea oil recovery activities during a (major) oil spill
Tender Details: Competitive Procedure. Reference No: EMSA/CPNEG/1/2019
Date of Award: 25/11/2019
Tenders Received: 1
Supplier/Contractor: Dinamarin d.o.o, Riva 20, Rijeka, 51000, Croatia
Dated: 20/12/2019
MCJ Ref No: 1196/E/43
Tender Ref No: 604593-2019
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 10,080,000 EUR
Promoter: European Maritime Safety Agency, Praça Europa 4, Lisbon, 1249-206, Portugal E-mail: CPNEG012019@emsa.europa.eu
Contact: Mr Frédéric Hébert — Head of Unit Pollution Response Services
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