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- Added On: 09/01/2020

UK, Gravesend

Profile AWARD: Vessel Traffic Voice Communication System. The design, procurement, build, delivery and commissioning of a Radio VHF control system with an option for telephony services at both Gravesend and Woolwich operational centres. New base stations shall only be considered where necessary as a technical solution by the contracting entity
Tender Details: Restricted Procedure
Date of Award: 23/12/2019
Tenders Received: 4
Supplier/Contractor: Rohde and Schwarz UK Ltd, Fleet, GU51 2UZ
Dated: 27/12/2019
MCJ Ref No: 1196/E/39
Tender Ref No: 619672-2019
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 483,113
Promoter: Port of London Authority, Gravesend, DA12 2BG
Tel: +44 1474562318; E-mail: RICHARD.HOPPERTON@PLA.CO.UK
Contact: Richard Hopperton
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