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- Added On: 27/09/2019

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Profile AWARD: “Foxtrot” submarine removal and scrapping. The work mainly consists of: communication, participation and coordination with stakeholders: - conducting or having required additional research carried out, - taking care of applications for and obtaining the required permits, - drafting, development and realization of (auxiliary) structures for the service, - transporting and transferring the Foxtrot to the new owner or demolition location, - stand still period of 2 weeks before remediation/demolition commences, if no new owner, the demolition of the “Foxtrot” in accordance with the legal environmental requirements, complete remediation of the “Foxtrot” and therefore not covering the harmful substances and/or making them inaccessible, the removal of large parts which logically belong to and sunk in the immediate vicinity of the “Foxtrot”, including parts in the the first approx. 50cm from the top layer of the bottom surface, the removal of the fastening means with which the “Foxtrot” is fixed at the mooring dolphin, both the mooring dolphin and the “Foxtrot”. Such as the structures used for securing the “Foxtrot”, offering reusable materials to processors including the delivering a material file to the client
Tender Details: Open Procedure. Reference No: AI 2019-0112
Date of Award: 22/08/2019
Tenders Received: 5
Supplier/Contractor: Struijk Sloop- en Grondwerken bv, 29028126, Noord 77, Krimpen aan de Lek, 2931 SJ, Netherlands.
Tel: +31 180514822; E-mail: info@struijk.nl
Dated: 29/08/2019
MCJ Ref No: 1181/E/35
Tender Ref No: 406958-2019
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 1,499,900 EUR
Promoter: Gemeente Amsterdam, Ingenieursbureau, Weesperstraat 430, Amsterdam, 1018 DN, Netherlands
Tel: +31 630475883; E-mail: inkoopfysiek@amsterdam.nl
Contact: Aanbestedingsteam Amsterdam
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