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- Added On: 27/09/2019

Hungary, Budapest

Profile AWARD: The development of the Hungarian Army's response capacities in the context of disaster recovery-obtaining technical 2 no. RIBs with engine-mounted, plastic-bodied inflatable side boat-carrying trailer: 1 no. motor-mounted, plastic-body inflated-side boat delivered with the following accessories: — 1 boat hull — 1 outboard motor — 1 no. Wheelhouse (standing support for the driver) — 10 seats for riding, (dark grey or black, ZODIAC Z61723 or equivalent) — 1 x 15m Tow (d = 16mm, black, UV stable polypropylene, polypropylene gut) — 1 port rope (min 10mm Diameter, Min. 10m in length), — 1 drum rope, — four paddle blades (one-piece) — the material of the oar is aluminium, with a full length matt black covering, with a diameter of max. 35mm, fitted with a symmetrical cram at the upper end, the total length is 1500-1600 mm,-the EAW is in black, and is made of HDPE polyethylene (one-piece, 1-piece bilge pump) — 1 feeler (Single, Min. 2m long, with a stainless metal nut-head),-1 PCs with pressure gauge equipped with an electric pump — 1 x 10 kg cast metal folding umbrella anchor (collapsing collapsed), min. 10 mm diameter with a length of 10m, in a bag for 1 piece of repair, for repair by the operator (min.: 1 Hose ( Hypalon/Neoprene, repair Kit 1 x-Hotfix for underwater cleaning and repair (robship stay afloat 0.45 kg or equivalent), 1 leak-proof spray, 1 algae for neoprene/Hypalon/PVCs, and device for the offer Special materials needed to improve the design) — 1 tool kit (included in the Servicing and servicing tool set by the operator), — 1 spare part set for the engine 2-year operation ( In plastic packing crates with a waterproof, hermetically sealed, pressurized valve, carry the most common failure, waning and wear parts and accessories needed to operate the machine for 2 years, and — 1 spare propeller screw — 2 db orange life jackets (external diameter min. 75 cm, internal diameter min. 43.6 cm, weighing between 2, 5 and 4 kg), min. with a perlon length of 8m (Ř min. 8mm, floating rope), — 12 PCs (Cartridge) (Secumar Ultra AX belt, type CE150N or Equivalent) — * 1 * Water-mering ("Sapso") min. 3 L-S, — 1 hand-held anhydrous, — 1 min. 8 litres bucket (a black or dark rubber bucket, with strong ears, rope-heart, water use) — 1 tube (built-in microphone, switch siren, speech and A whistling tone between volume control, Min. 25w power, Min. 110 DB SPL Max. Sound pressure, operable by battery, min. 230 mm diameter, mass: max. 1.3 kg), — 1 piece of blankets, 1 2kg (B) a hand-dust extinguisher capable of extinguishing a class C of fire, (the instrument is provided by the Hungarian Army)). — First aid Kit (1 box I (according to 13553), — for 2 PCs Rubber Bumper (fender). The 1 set of tools shipped to the motor boat and the transporter for trailers contains at least the following tools: — 1 socket wrench set 4-22 mm, — 1 star spanner set 6-22 mm, — 2 PH screwdriver, 2 flat screwdriver — 1 min. 10 Part Allen key set 2-12 mm, — 1 combined pliers — 1 piece pincer, — 0.5 kg and 5 kg hammer, — 1 cold chiser — 1 hole puncher — 1 grease cutter – 1 x 220, 5 mm propellers — 1 x 100 mm oil funnel — 1 wheel drive. The tenderer undertakes to prepare the equipment for the handling of motorboats (4 persons per device) as part of the procurement process for the management and technical servicing of the device in 3 days (6 hours per day)
Tender Details: Open Procedure. Reference No: EKR000461502018
Dates of Award: 14/07/2019; 05/08/2019
Tenders Received: 2; 1
Suppliers/Contractors: Milipol Zártkören Részvénytársaság, Moha utca 1., Budapest, 1121, Hungary Tel: +36 14770080; E-mail: milipol@milipol.hu; Magnum 90 Kft., Dr. Csányi László krt. 55., Vác, 2600, Hungary Tel: +36 205555200; E-mail: agnes.havan@magnum90.hu
Dated: 16/08/2019
MCJ Ref No: 1179/E/37
Tender Ref No: 387374-2019
Project Stage: Contract Award
Value: 88,991,000 HUF
Promoter: Honvédelmi Minisztérium Védelemgazdasági Hivatal, EKRSZ_35246750, Lehel, utca 35/37 Budapest, 1135, Hungary.
Tel: +36 14338015; E-mail: beszerzes@hm.gov.hu
Contact: Fodor Péter Dandártábornok
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