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- Added On: 01/11/2019

Denmark, Esbjerg

Profile AWARD: Supply of a WTG Installation Vessel for transport and support of the installation works of the WTG contractor, corresponding to the requirements specified by the contracting entities. Vattenfall has been awarded the concession for the Danish offshore wind projects located in the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Baltic Sea, Vesterhav Nord, Vesterhav Syd and Danish Kriegers Flak, led by the Danish Energy Agency [DEA]. The wind farms will consist out of monopile foundations including transition pieces, wind turbine generators of equal or more than 8 MW and inter array cable with the following number of locations: Lot 1: Vesterhav Nord: up to 25 locations; Lot 2: Vesterhav Syd: up to 25 locations; Lot 3: Danish Kriegers Flak: up to 75 locations. This notice relates to the award of Lot 3 only
Tender Details: Negotiated Procedure
Date of Award: 29/07/2019
Supplier/Contractor: Jan de Nul n.v., Tragel 60, Hofstade-Aalst 9308, Belgium
Dated: 30/07/2019
MCJ Ref No: 1177/E/34
Tender Ref No: 363033-2019
Project Stage: Contract Award
Promoter: Vattenfall Vindkraft Vesterhav Nord P/S; Vattenfall Vindkraft Vesterhav Syd P/S; Vattenfall Vindkraft Kriegers Flak P/S, Exnersgade 2, Esbjerg 6700, Denmark E-mail: vkf.cii@vattenfall.de
Contact: Procurement Commitee Wind
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